Individual Qualifier 1A + 1B - WODSTOCK Copenhagen 2017

June 01, 2017
For time:
30 Snatches
Every minute on the minute 4 Box Jump Overs Time cap: 6 minutes (0-6 minutes)

Max calorie row
Time cap: 2 minutes (6-8 minutes)

Workouts 1A and 1B are conducted on a running clock. At the call of 3..2..1.. go, the athlete starts with 4 box jump overs. Once all box jump overs are completed the athlete may move to their barbell and start their snatches. Every minute on the minute until the 30 snatches are completed, the athlete must move to the box and perform 4 box jump overs. Workout 1A ends when full extension is reached on the 30th snatch.

The athletes score will be the time it takes to complete all 30 snatches. Times will be recorded in full seconds not rounded up. There is a 6 minute time cap on workout 1A. If the athlete completes the snatches before the time cap they must wait until 6 minutes before proceeding with workout 1B.

Scaled/first timers perform hang snatches, and may do step ups on the box jump overs.
Only at 6 minutes may the athlete proceed with workout 1B. In 2 minutes (6-8 minutes) the athlete will row as many calories as possible. The score is the number of calories rowed.